· Discover how healthy your heart currently is.

· Determine your genetic predisposition to cardiovascular disease.

· Teach you how to adopt healthy lifestyle habits forever.


Bach’s Care Life Programme is aimed at healthy people who want to find out about their cardiovascular health, who value physical and mental well-being, and want the key to preventing possible cardiovascular diseases.


The method

We diagnose your heart’s condition and your predisposition to cardiovascular disease based on scientific knowledge and support from cutting-edge technology.

Afterward, with the help of the best specialists, we draw up a personalized plan for you and work with you in a therapeutic environment to develop it.

IQon spectral scanner

A unique wellness experience in the best therapeutic environment

You will be staying, full board, at The Ritz-Carlton, Abama.

You and a companion in a 50 square meter double deluxe room, with all amenities and splendid ocean or resort views.


3 days / 2 nights stay


Programme content

• Medical tests and diagnosis

– Coronary angiography with state-of-the-art spectral technology – IQON SPECTRAL CT, to find out the real condition of your coronary arteries.
– 3D Echocardiography to uncover every detail of the condition of all of your heart’s structures.
– Ergometry, to know the maximum and safe level of activity for your heart.
– Genetic evaluation of your predisposition to cardiovascular disease.
– At the end of the program, you will be given personal access codes to enter the Patient Portal through our website, where you will find your full medical history at our center.

• Comprehensive advice for physical and mental well-being

– Interactive cardiovascular session.
– Presentation of the medical evaluation results, diagnosis, and personalized program.

• Michelin-starred gastronomic experience at the service of healthy nutrition

Includes an invitation for the patient’s companion (lunch or dinner).

• Wellness experience

– 90-minute Relaxing Massage session at the hotel Spa.

• Full board at The Ritz-Carlton, Abama

For the patient and a companion in a 50 square meter double deluxe room, with all amenities and splendid ocean or resort views.

• Transfer service

Transfer to/from your desired airport upon arrival and departure from the hotel (Los Rodeos Tenerife North Airport / Reina Sofia Tenerife South Airport).

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