Our wellness center for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases is located at The Ritz-Carlton, Abama resort hotel in Tenerife.

With the help of the most advanced technology in the world, the best international specialists will assess the state of health of your heart and advise you on how to look after it, while you enjoy the hotel and the island. It is this premise of excellence that makes us pioneers in Europe and unique in Spain.

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We are aware of the socio-sanitary situation in which we live, so if you are unable to travel as a result of government restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have a flexible cancellation policy that allows us to modify your booking and adapt it to the date of your choice or refund your money.

Frequently Asked Questions.


The BACH CARE Advisory Programme (BAP) is the most complete and advanced study today that serves to know most accurately and rigorously possible the probabilities that a person has of suffering a major cardiovascular event.

This makes it possible to anticipate such an event by preventing it by taking the appropriate proposed measures and thus minimizing the risk of suffering it as much as possible.

What information does the BAP provide me with?

The PAB is reflected in a COMPLETE REPORT with personalized recommendations based on a personal interview with the client to find out about their lifestyle and way of life, on the data from the imaging and functional performance tests we offer, and on the information about genetic predisposition provided by the blood tests we carry out.

The most relevant imaging test is the one we obtain through the IQON Spectral CT, as it allows us to know the state of the inside of the coronary arteries, which are the ones that transport blood to the heart with the oxygen necessary for it to function properly. In just 4 seconds of study and in a non-invasive way, we will navigate through the interior of the arteries of the heart visualizing their real state.

We will also obtain information on the electrical state of the heart and its capacity to adapt to effort through ECG and effort tests.

We complement the information by adding the results obtained after the blood analysis we perform, the most complete as it includes a study of individualized genetic predisposition to suffer all kinds of events that compromise cardiovascular development.

What are the chances of receiving bad news?

None. The PAB is a primary prevention study, designed to avoid suffering a cardiovascular disease that, had we not been aware of it, would have conditioned our life expectancy.

There is only positive news:
If the result indicates that there is no arterial obstruction, the chances of suffering an acute myocardial infarction are practically nil in the course of life, especially if the patient has a heart attack, especially if the test is carried out after the age of 50. Knowing in advance that you will not suffer from this disease is great news for the client.

And if the result indicates an arterial obstruction, depending on the degree of obstruction, we can take all the appropriate preventive measures to minimize the risk of suffering an acute myocardial infarction as much as possible and thus avoid it. And this is undoubtedly the best news we can offer.

Can anyone undergo the study?

Yes, all healthy people can undergo this study as primary prevention, i.e. to detect any predisposition to suffer a first cardiovascular disease.

For people who have already suffered a cardiovascular disease and whose objective is to avoid a relapse, which we call secondary prevention, we carry out a personalized medical interview beforehand to determine the feasibility of carrying out any or all of the diagnostic tests included in the PAB. Depending on the results of this interview, we will advise on whether it is advisable to carry out the study without any risk at our center or whether it would be more appropriate to carry it out in a different hospital environment.

How long does each programme last?

Each of the bachcare counselling programmes comprises the clinical diagnostic process and the process associated with the bachcare experience. the diagnostic tests included in the study are each of varying length and preparation, and can all be completed in no more than 90 minutes. however, an interview is required before the diagnostic tests, as well as a subsequent interview in which the results obtained so far, are communicated.

But the BACHCARE experience is a further step in addition to the diagnostic tests. Understanding how risk factors act in our bodies is part of our behavioral intervention. The gastronomic experience and therapeutic architecture are part of this new and exciting way of life that we propose through an overnight stay with a companion included at The Ritz-Carlton, Abama.

When do I get the final results?

The results of the imaging tests will be available the same day they are performed. They provide vital information and will be very useful in defining the final recommendations that will be transcribed in the definitive report.

However, depending on the analytical tests requested, the final results will be obtained between 15 and 30 days after the study, as it is necessary to complete the final document with the information derived from the genetic predisposition, information that requires this time for its analysis.

BACHCARE will contact the client to communicate the complete results of the study through our online consultation included in the Programme.

Does the study require any kind of preparation?

No. During the interview before the study, we will specify every one of the diagnostic tests that will be carried out, individualizing the best way to perform them in each case.

What are the risks to my health from this study?

The PAB is a primary prevention study that uses technological developments to complete the most comprehensive individualized cardiovascular information possible today. Each of the tests carried out has its specific indications and is always performed under the supervision of doctors and nurses specialized in cardiovascular prevention.

The IQON Spectral CT is the most advanced spectral technology radiological equipment in the world. It is the only scanner that provides the best image quality on the market using ultra-low radiation dose protocols. It also manages to reduce radiation exposure by 80% as it allows a complete study to be carried out with three radiation cycles of 0.27 seconds each.

The facility that houses the IQON Spectral CT is equipped with all the safety requirements established by the Nuclear Safety Council through its Technical Unit for Radiological Protection.

To achieve an accurate visualization of the coronary arteries, a contrast medium is used, usually containing iodine, which is administered through venous access in the client’s arm.

Contrast materials are safe substances. They occasionally cause mild to moderate adverse reactions, such as nausea, headache, itching, heat rash, skin irritation or hives, changes in blood pressure, difficulty breathing, or swelling of the throat.

All these reactions are unlikely and are self-limited to a few minutes. Should they occur, the BACHCARE medical team is prepared to deal with them immediately. A very small percentage of patients may develop a delayed reaction with irritation that can occur hours or days after an imaging exam with iodinated contrast materials. Most are mild, but severe irritations may require medication after consultation with your physician.

The pre-study interview informs you of these circumstances by providing you with an informed consent form to read and authorize. Each person’s risk is analyzed more accurately taking into account the individual’s history: the history of allergy to iodinated contrast, history of asthma, dehydration problems, or known renal insufficiency, as well as a history of cystic fibrosis, are circumstances that may aggravate the risk of suffering an adverse reaction to contrast.

As an athlete myself, what is in it for me?

The PAB that we carry out allows us to identify all those circumstances that could condition the optimal performance of the athlete. These are generally young people who are used to a high-intensity sporting activity and who are supposedly healthy. Our study provides the certainty of knowing the real state of the coronary arteries, their degree of obstruction if any, and the genetic predisposition that conditions sporting performance.

Sports performance is the result of the contribution and interaction of many factors, both genetic and environmental. There are genetic variations that allow sports training to be personalized depending on individual genetics as they condition muscular response (muscle cramps, sports strength, lactate mobilization, exercise energy, endurance profile, aerobic capacity), cardiovascular response, and susceptibility to injury (bone fractures, muscle inflammation, ligament injuries, muscle injuries, muscle recovery after a sports injury, tendinopathies), among other variables.

The study also provides nutritional recommendations based on the patient’s genetics, which are reviewed by a nutrition specialist.

What does genetic predisposition mean?

Genetic predisposition is the increase or decrease in the likelihood of developing a disease based on genetics.

Cardiovascular risk factors are classified as modifiable and non-modifiable, the latter including genetic risk factors. The presence of non-modifiable factors implies that therapeutic targets for modifiable factors should be more stringent.

The fact that more than half of cardiovascular events occur in patients classified as low or moderate risk means that current cardiovascular risk estimation functions are not fully effective.

The incorporation of genetic factors into cardiovascular risk algorithms makes it possible to stratify cardiovascular risk more precisely and specifically, identifying those patients who require more stringent therapeutic targets.

From when can I check-in at the hotel?

From noon on the day of your appointment for the Programme you have chosen, you can check-in at the hotel.

From then on, BACHCARE staff will be in permanent contact with you, informing and guiding you throughout the Programme.

Do I need to wear appropriate clothing for diagnostic tests?

Yes, for the stress test (ergometry) we recommend that you wear comfortable sports clothing and footwear.

No special equipment of any kind is required for the other diagnostic tests.

Do I have to stay at the hotel for the entire Programme?

No. Each program has an assigned timetable for the tests and talks that comprise it. You will know your schedule when you make your RESERVATION and you can organize the rest of the time during your stay at the hotel in the way you choose.

There is a wide range of experiences to enjoy both within The Ritz-Carlton, Abama, and in the Tenerife region.

Can I stay longer in the hotel than the time offered by my Programme?

Yes, at the time of booking your BACHCARE Counselling Programme you can notify your intention to stay longer at the hotel and, if you wish, we can arrange the most comfortable stay during those days chosen by you.

We remind you that outside of the proposal included in each of the BACHCARE Programmes, stays will be conditioned to the availability offered by The Ritz-Carlton, Abama at that time and all rates will be added to the initial invoice.

How can I get to the hotel from the airport?

All BACHCARE Counselling Programmes include transfer service from the airport to The Ritz-Carlton, Abama at the beginning and end of the Programme.

At the time of making the BOOKING, you must indicate the number of the outbound and return flights to arrange the corresponding transfer.

If you do not know your flight number, please remember that you have up to 72 hours before your arrival at our center to provide us with the necessary information. After that time we cannot guarantee a transfer in time.

Can I cancel my Programme once the RESERVATION has been made?

As a general rule, once you have made the RESERVATION of your Programme (with a charge of 20% of the total price), you may cancel it free of charge up to 15 days before the date of the Programme appointment. From that moment on, your card will be definitively charged for the amount of the RESERVATION.

If the reason for the cancellation is associated with the restrictions imposed by the governments of Spain or your country of origin due to the Covid-19 pandemic, you will have up to 24 hours before the date of the Programme appointment, free of charge. From that moment on, your card will be definitively charged the value of the RESERVATION.

Due to the possible restrictions imposed as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, BACHCARE offers you the possibility to keep the RESERVATION and adapt it to any other alternative date within 12 months from the date of cancellation.

Can I choose to undergo a single diagnostic test only?

No. In order to offer you a result with guarantees on the state of your heart and thus measure the real risk you have of suffering a serious cardiovascular event, we need to have the data that all the diagnostic tests in our program offer us, together.

If you have started studies for another reason in a health center and it requires our team to complete your information, you can tell them to contact us and we will study the most beneficial needs for you.

Can I customize my program based on the length of stay at the hotel?

Yes. The PABs are designed to optimize the best decision you have made when carrying out one of them. Along with the technical information that we provide, it is necessary to spend time reflecting and understanding the data that we are discovering, discovering the nutrition and gastronomy that we propose and learning about the real benefits of the therapeutic architecture that define our prevention model.

Even so, we can personalize your program by offering you our ONE DAY option, which mixes in the best way the benefits of the diagnostic knowledge obtained with the behavioral component necessary to obtain positive results, all in a tighter period of time.

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